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Spring 2017 Welcome - Please Read!

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Spring 2017 Welcome - Please Read!
by Moodle Administrator - Friday, 6 January 2017, 1:26 PM

Welcome to Spring semester, students!

Online Classes

Online classes that begin on January 11th are now open for you to add to your Moodle course lists. Most online classes begin on January 23rd, however. Those classes will not be open in Moodle until the week of January 16.

Please check your official schedules - either printed or by logging in to Saints Online - to see when your online classes begin.

Face-to-Face Classes

Face-to-Face classes begin January 11th. If you have a f2f class that is using Moodle, you can go ahead and add that class to your course list. However, before you do so we recommend you go to your first class and talk to your instructor - as not all f2f classes will use Moodle!

Getting Started in Moodle

We have a number of resources for students who are new to Moodle. You can (among other things):

  • Add yourself to our Moodle 101 class (in the Training category) and learn how to use Moodle's basic features
  • Review the how-to documents in the Getting Started block
  • Request help from the administrator using the Moodle Support Request form (in the Academic Support Links block)

If you still have questions, please message the Moodle administrator or contact the Teaching and Learning Center.

Have a great semester!